Characters can gain protection from various forms of armor, both integral to their anatomy or worn. Most integral armor is natural and a byproduct of the natural or artificial genetic attributes of the character such as natural hide of some Betas and augmented humans. Weight listed for armor is for worn. Carried it can be calculated at twice its normal weight as it is ungainly.

Worn Armor

Armor Type Armor Class Weight (kg) Reaction Modifier Cost (Cr)
Shield +1 AC bonus 4 - 10
Armored Jacket
(Leather or SynthHide)
3 7 - 10
Metal Mail 5 12 -2 50
Metal Plate 7 30 -3 100
Composite 5 7 -1 400
Armored Bodysuit 3 2 - 600
Armored Field Uniform 6 10 -2 1000
Environmental suit 3 5 -2 2500
Heavy E-Suit 5 15 -3 5000
Hardened E-Suit 7 20 -3 9000

Power Armor
Power Armor combines military grade materials with powered servo technology, environmental and sensor systems. Power armor weight is an expression only of it is reduced to zero power. While powered it supports its own weight.

All power armor has one integral melee weapon, usually a combat blade (short sword) and a number of weapon slots that can be used to carry a single non-heavy weapon. 3 weapon slots may be used to carry a single heavy weapon. Weapons have power and ammo supplies that are separate from the power armor’s internal power supply.

Built-in power packs provide ample power for normal operation. All power armor suits can maintain regular use for 48 hours on a normal charge. They may operate for 100 hours if all non-essential (life support, basic sensors, mobility, etc.) are disabled.

Power Armor Type Armor Class Weight (kg) Strength Modifier Weapon Slots Cost (Cr)
Light 6 10 +1 1 50,000
Medium 8 20 +3 2 150,000
Heavy 10 50 +5 4 250,000

Integral Armor
Integral armor is part of the character’s body and as such does not have a weight or impose Reaction Modifiers. Costs listed for integral armor are for add-ons and do not count for armor that is part of a character’s racial modifiers.

Armor Type Armor Class Cost (Cr) Charisma Modifier
Light Hide 1 10,000 -
Medium Hide 2 20,000 -1
Heavy Hide/Chitin 3 30,000 -2
Subdermal Armor 4 40,000 -3
Body Plating 5 50,000 -4

Some forms of energy-based defenses do exist, these are rare, extremely expensive, and difficult to acquire outside of high-level corporate and military sources. These sorts of defenses are commonly referred to as screens, but the term shield or field is also sometimes used. Screens are powered by standard power cells that will maintain their operation for 8 hours of continuous use.

Screen Type Armor Class Cost (Cr) Notes
Absorption Screen 7 750,000 Does not work versus melee attacks
Psi Screen Special 375,000 +5 Mental Effect saves. Requires no power cell


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