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Character Creation

Roll your character’s six attributes.

Roll 3d6 six times, and assign the totals in order to Strength, Intelligence, Wisdom, Dexterity, Constitution, and Charisma. Record the attribute modifier for each ability. Note that “roll 3d6” means “roll a six-sided die three times, and add it together”. You may move points between scores, lowering abilities above 13 and raising abilities below 8 to even out your scores. No such modifications can lower a high score below 13 or raise a low one above 8.

Choose a genotype.

You’re either a Beta or a Human. Choose which subspecies you are as well.

Choose a primary Occupational Specialty.

An Occupational Specialty (OS) provides you with the initial skills and training to perform one of the justifiers jobs. Each OS has attribute requirements which must be met to train in it – either as a primary or as a cross training.

Choose a class.

Warriors are survivors proficient in fighting and combat of all varieties. Psychics are born gifted with unique mental powers. Experts have expertise in a wide range of useful skills. You may replace one Prime Requisite attribute of your chosen class with a score of 14 if you so wish. Note down your class’ special ability.

If you are a psychic, choose a psychic discipline.

A psychic’s primary discipline begins at level 1, and they have 1 more point to spend on a different discipline. Your character’s initial psi power points are equal to 1 plus their highest attribute modifier between Wisdom and Charisma.

If you aren’t a psychic, choose your cross training.

If you are a Warrior, choose one other OSs and pick two skills you do not already possess. If you are an Expert, do this twice. If you are a psychic, you spent too much time learning to control your power to cross train. Make sure to pay attention to the cross training availability table, and to the attribute requirements of the OS. You may choose to cross train into the same OS multiple times, choosing different skills each time. In the same way, Scouts and Security may choose to cross train into their primary OS again in order to learn more specialties.

Pick a background package.

Select an option to reflect your character’s earlier life or what they get up to between missions. Background skills start at level 0. If you already have the skill from your OS or Cross Training, you may raise it to 1 now.

Roll hit points for your character.

Psychics roll 1d4, Experts roll 1d6, and Warriors roll 1d8. Add your Constitution modifier to the roll to determine your maximum hit points. Even with a Constitution penalty, maximum HP cannot be less than 1.

Main Page

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